✓ From idea to requirement: the conference for those who create products.

ThinkStage –  is a conference for everyone, whose main focus is an IT product. From idea to formalization of requirements. From start-up to successful business. From code to design, from design to usability.

If you are:

  • business analyst or requirement engineer;
  • product manager or usability expert;
  • project manager or startupper,

we are waiting for you at the Mercure Congress Center Kyiv on June 7-8, 2019.

✓ Exclusive partner and co-organizer of Product Management stream – International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA)

✓ International Requirement Engineering Board (IREB) associated partner

✓ Supported by International Usability and UX Qualification Board (UXQB)

Human-centred design starts with human-centred specification
Diamonds are forever + A product tango: keeping the focus on vision while adapting to change
If-then-maybe - the thinker's nightmare + Four common mistakes in IT product pricing
Master-class name: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – requirements quality matters
Head of Product YouScan
Head of IT Zeppelin International AG
Business Analysis and Product Management Services
Lead Business analysts DataArt, IIBA
Founder, Consultant Leanify Ltd, ISPMA
Senior Usability Engineer/Chairman ProContext Consulting GmbH/UXQB
Trainer-Consultant / 2nd chair Taraxacum / IREB
CEO, consultant, trainer / Chairman InnoTivum / ISPMA
The IT Paradigmologist / Global Ambassador Smalley.IT / DevOps Agile Skills Association


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